Lives of World War I

If you haven’t already found this site, then it’s well worth looking at. Not only does it have millions of records for searching it also allows people to build evidential profiles of their forebears and gives you as teachers ideas for lessons and how to incorporate a site such as this into your teaching. I’m thinking this could be used to explore such concepts in Social Studies as “Understand how the ideas and actions of people in the past have had a significant impact on people’s lives” (CL5) or “Understand that events have causes and effects” (CL4), and of course lends itself beautifully to our History internal assessments courses. Not only could students build a profile for a forebear who fought, they could then explore the impact this had on the person themselves, the people left behind and how they might be remembered by todays generations. This site, and the potential for learning and teaching it provides is rich in opportunities for engaging students, allowing them to be part of an international community, to incorporate the use of ICT effectively and authentically in their learning and to engage with the notion of “so what, now what?” or even the concept of contingency.

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