Journals of Siegfried Sassoon

“I am looking at a sunlit picture of Hell. And still the breeze shakes the yellow charlock and the poppies glow below Crawley Ridge…” So said Siegfreid Sassoon at 10.50am on July 1st 1916, the beginning of the Battle of the Somme. Sassoon’s war diaries are available to be read online at the Cambridge Digital Library and could easily add a powerful voice to all programmes of work based on WWI. … Continue reading Journals of Siegfried Sassoon

300 year of Scottish History in 3 Minutes

Innerpeffray Library in Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland’s oldest free public lending library, has released a new video which condenses 300 years of history into three minutes. founded by David Drummond 3rd Lord Madertie c.1680. Its collections range from 16th-century texts through to modern books, on subjects including farming, witchcraft, medicine and history. This Living Library charts three centuries in Scotland’s history, with a video tour of history … Continue reading 300 year of Scottish History in 3 Minutes

Synchronising Video and Notes

We all use video in classes, from time to time, and often ask our students to take notes while watching. This app, integrated with Google Drive, allows students to watch the video and take notes at the same time, these are automatically synchronised with the video and if they need to revisit the video will automatically jump to the appropriate place when the note is … Continue reading Synchronising Video and Notes